May 19th, 2009

Peter McGill - Funk U! (DP-6 Remix) / Forza Records

ремикс DP-6 на трек Peter McGill - Funk U! скоро выйдет на лейбле наших друзей Forza Records
анонс вот такой -

It’s almost summertime. That’s why the Forza Records is glad to present the eighth release, which is full of summer cheerful mood. We waited It ever so long. And at last, the sounds of the original version created by skilled Irish musician Peter McGill warm us like sunbeam. The whole release is a kind of progressive house with hot tech-elements. Among the authors of remixes there are well-known Russian musicians S.K.A.M., Freza, DP-6, and also our foreign artist Alessio Caforio from sunny Italy. Everyone has included its own sounding, but still we can feel the common summer atmosphere. We hope all the tracks will help You to plunge into the hottest trends of the electronic music.

Примерная дата релиза: 25 мая 2009 (Эксклюзивом на


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