September 23rd, 2010

DP-6: Dreamer

Сегодня на битпорте новый релиз DP-6 Records - Dreamer, состоящий из трех техно треков проекта DP-6 - Revolver, Balearic и Aliens.

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битпорт плеер -

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Underset: "Perfectly well!"
Dylan Drazen: "Fantastic! Love Revolver."
Lew Ashby: "Like this E.P = Support from me"
Dirigible 5: "Great release! I like all tracks!!! Support!"
Bassline: "Great! Revolver in my bag!"
Sergey Cruncher: "Excellent EP ! Full support )"
DJ Link: "Very good tracks. Revolver... Full Support!"
Tadox: "Revolver is nice!"
Mays & Patrique: "OMG ! Revolver & Balearic is very cool ! Will play it"
Anton Sheridan: "Good release! Thanks!"
VEGIM: "Great EP. Love the REVOLVER track. Will play it allaround."
Untitledmusic: "Balearic's got a wicked vibe"
Roman Zawodny: "Revolver is my pick....thanks"
Yan Oxygen: "Great Work! My FULL support "Aliens""
James Hammer: "Will support aliens, nice track!"