October 29th, 2011

DP-6: Touch EP (DP-6 Records) Posted by infernaltechno

Такой замечательный обзор написал про наш релиз сайт Infernal Techno:

DP-6: Touch EP

Founded in 2008, DP-6 Records has already released quite a catalog of
House and Techno. The first half of their catalog may not feature
anything too exhilarating or memorable, all of the recent releases
from this young Russian label are quite the opposite. Label heads
Alexey Filin and Vadim Indigo used the drive and passion behind the
DP-6 Records' beginnings and formed a vision, of sorts. The current
direction of the label is a product of all that hard work and desire.
It's quite beautiful, really.

And that brings us to the current DP-6 release, no less from the two
label bosses themselves. Touch is a six track EP that continues along
the Deep House and Dub Techno plane. Without spoiling any of the fun,
it's best to describe these collective of tracks as sonic elements
that comprise a larger picture. Each tune plays effortlessly off of
the previous, feeding into the next song with care. With this
production precision, it's clear that the DP-6 duo have found their
ubiquitous sound in Techno music. The Touch EP is no exception, and
the steady effort is certainly felt throughout each of the tracks.

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