March 17th, 2014

isolatedmix 43 - Need a Name

Хочу поделиться еще одним очень интересным миксом, который вот уже несколько дней подряд радует меня все сильнее и сильнее. Очень жаль, но... это не техно)) Амбиентный isolatedmix 43 - Need a Name звучит как настоящее симфоническое произведение - тяжелое, грузное, атмосферное и невероятно воодушевляющее.
Мои всяческие рекомендации.

треклист -
01. Hammock – In The Middle Of This Nowhere
02. Brambles – Half-Gramme Holiday
03. Drops – Autumn Walks
04. Random Forest – The Best Of Us
05. Cass. – Illinois 1880 (Part 1)
06. Naal – W
07. Talquin – Embers
08. Umber – Clémence
09. Mosaik – Aerial
10. Hammock – Shored Against the Ruins… Drowning In Ten Directions
11. Lowercase Noises – Beauty Into Wreck
12. Aural Method – Breathe Deep Your Chorus
13. Keith Kenniff – Portraits Pt. 1
14. Chris Tenz – Chapter Two

It’s pretty hard to stand out from the crowd nowadays. I’m seeing less and less focus on ‘big albums’ or month-long hyped releases, and more attention being paid to a constant stream of quality – artists engaging their fans, rewarding them for their ongoing compassion and dedication. Artists that are embracing this new type of free distribution see regular Soundcloud uploads, free EP’s on Bandcamp, public discussions on equipment and techniques, and productions in partner with similar artists from the other side of the world.

One artist that has embraced this approach is Dario Lupo. He makes no secret of the fact he is on a parallel journey with his listeners; encouraging feedback, and consistently getting involved with likeminded artists through remixes and compilation submissions. And it’s because of this approach that Need a Name’s “nostalgic ambient music, featuring larger-than-space reverbs” has hit a note with many of us over the past few years. He’s the epitome of what many of the artists featured on ASIP strive for – a community of listeners engaged on his every note, his every upload.

Dario’s 2013 track ‘Road to Berlin‘ was one of my favourites to emerge last year – and one of only a few which were a free download on my ‘Reflection on 2013‘ mix. More recently, he’s remixing the similarly talented ‘Umber’, taking an instrumental-ambient style into other realms. And earlier this week, another free download that would give the likes of Kiyoko a ride for their money, titled ‘Everything is moving, but not the sky‘.

Dario’s productions are reflective and packed full of lush, sunny memories. This style, combined with his open approach to music production are what make him so appealing to many of us sharing the space – and it’s clearly echoed through his isolatedmix. “A collection of new discoveries mixed together with artists who changed my life in past and are changing it right now”; Dario’s mix pays homage to his blissful production style and his many influences over the past few years. With Umber, Keith Kenniff, Brambles and Hammock on board, this is a journey which will undoubtedly make you sit back and reflect on the better things in life.