April 1st, 2014

Erratic Podcast 68 | Kwartz

Приятно, что современная техно музыка становится все вдумчивее и вдумчивее. На фоне стандартных устаревших композиций, издающихся пачками (я называю их музыкой прошлого) она выгодно выделяется своей интеллектуальной составляющей. В тему новая работа техно артиста под именем Kwartz - он миксует отличные техно треки, послушайте и не пожалеете.


Hailing from Madrid, our next guest is one of the newest, young, and talented techno producers coming out of Spain over the last few years, KWARTZ. He's been making his characteristic style of techno since 2011 (which is deep, hard, and hypnotic), and last year he joined PoleGroup, home to the Spanish techno veterans.

His mixing skills always take the listener through a unique and powerful journey, and the next 75 minutes are no exception. This exclusive mix Mario kindly put together for us, features some of his recent work (both original and remixes) as well as several of his fellow Spanish producers alike. Without a doubt, this is a ride to be savored and experienced. So sit back, relax, and enjoy!


01. Intro
02. Ricardo Donoso - Diagonal Environment (Recondite Remix)
03. Voices From The Lake Feat. Donato Dozzy & Neel - Drop 2
04. Phase - Binary Opposition (Sigha Remix)
05. NX1 - RL1 (Agony Forces Remix)
06. Ulwhednar - Dömd Till Elden
07. David Reina - Simply As Life
08. Christian Wünsch - Unexplained Lights
09. Coefficient - Blood Red
10. Unreleased
11. Alex Falk - PTR
12. Terrence Fixmer - Drastik (PAS Remix)
13. SHXCXCHCXSH - Kxxkxxxkkxx
14. Hector Oaks - No One Tale
15. Exium - Pulstar
16. Jose Pouj - Stealth (Kwartz Remix)
17. Diversion Group - Shirts And Skins
18. Kwartz - Hole
19. Oscar Mulero - Electric Storm (Sigha Remix)
20. Dead Heat - Bosco (Lucy Remix)