April 23rd, 2014

Erratic Podcast 72 | Brando Lupi

Сегодня речь пойдет о трех очень хороших миксах в трех разных стилях.
Первый - естественно техно)

Erratic Podcast 72 | Brando Lupi

Brando Lupi создал отличную, вязкую, мрачную, современную, качественную, гипнотичную работу.
Что касается Erratic Podcast - то для меня на данный момент это одно из наиболее интересных явлений в техно, сравнимо разве что с deep space helsinki)))


We are supremely excited to present our brand new guest in the series - someone whom we have been seeking out for a while and who truly is an eclectic artist in the purest sense of the word: a musician, a DJ, a producer, a label owner, and a photographer among others; he is the enigmatic BRANDO LUPI.

He delves in the underground and every piece of art he produces (be it a techno mix, a rock song, a film soundtrack, ambient electronica, or a photograph), always carries an esoteric stamp exuding organic mastery and genuine purpose, both of which are the result of the urgency in self-expression only artists like Brando can experience. With this said, the next 72 minutes are just that - a moment of reflection and inspiration - taking the listener on an introspective and stunning journey through the deep, intricate layers of techno. Please listen and enjoy.

Tracklistings Mixtape #095 (2014.04.22) : DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro

Электро микс от уже хорошо известного проекта DVS NME - настоящее подпольное музыкальное движение в электро.
Такой саунд не будет лишним для тех, кто любит техно.


DVS NME is an electro enthusiast living in Colorado. He blogs daily about electro news, media and more. He has a weekly radio show on www.bassradio.net every Friday night at 20:00 GMT.
His upcoming album 'Cryptogenic' will be released on Transient Force (release date : May 14th, 2014) : Dvsnme – Cryptogenic
It will be a 13 year retrospective album.


И последнее выдающееся событие - хаус микс от Juju & Jordash.
В этой записи я нашел для себя очень интересный, неординарный материал. Всячески рекомендую!


Ahead of their Subculture debut Israeli purveyors of the hardware analogue sound Juju & Jordash sent us this live 40 minute recording of their live set at Stattbad, Berlin from March 8th, 2014.

This is exclusive to the Sub Club website. A wee treat of what to expect from this oddball house duo when they touch down in Glasgow for Subculture on Saturday April 19th... Enjoy!