December 2nd, 2014

Erratic Podcast 91 | Ctrls

Эта психически нездоровая техно музыка нереально хороша.
Выкованная из стали и безумия, из гнева и энергии.
Ctrls утрамбовал и упаковал как настоящий маньяк.
И не хард техно, а хард техно настроение, дух.

Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, our next guest is one heck of a DJ and a terrific producer, with a history in electronic music dating back to the 2000s, CTRLS. Since a few years ago though, he has been delivering top-notch, no-nonsense techno under his Ctrls alias for Token. Also, having dabbled as one-half the Northern Structures duo, Troels' background is versatile and extensive (including a long affair with Drum & Bass). It is due to all this history that his mixes are unique and quite extraordinary. What he put together for us is no doubt an astounding 80-minute journey rich with all kinds of multifaceted techno. Cursing the raw, the harsh, and the pounding - it is a distinct pleasure to have Troels be part of the podcast. Without further adieu, this is Ctrls. Enjoy!


Shifted - Story of Aurea
Jonas Kopp - Message from Solaris
Zeitgeber - Totemism
Sedvs - Protect and Serve
Donor - Counter
Dino Sabatini & Edit Select - Terpsichore
Adam X - Binary Possession
Samuli Kemppi - Agitated
Svaag - Sade
Arcing Seas - Incal
Kangding Ray - Luna
Makaton - Lead You Astray
Milton Bradley - Divergence
BNJMN - Blown
Sendai - Martens Deficit
Mike Parker - Flying Nerves
Stanislav Tolkachev - Like No One Is Watching
Karenn - Ballast
Shifted- Pulse Incomplete
Reeko & Exium - Circuit 3
Perc - Tri-City
Guise - Cyclepoint (Ctrls remix)
Ctrls - Charge (Rich Oddie remix)
Deapmash - Formal
? - ?
Jamie Curnock - Transportation (Truss remix)
Lag - Trema (Clouds remix)
Ctrls - X.Y
Makaton - Night #1
AnD - Photon Visibility
Donor - In Your Place
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