June 17th, 2015

Invite's Choice Podcast 275 - Artefakt

Образцовый техно микс, многие треки еще не изданы, слушал наслаждался)
Всячески рекомендую!


Artefakt is a collaboration between Dutch producers Robin Koek and Nick Lapien that share a love for melancholic, hypnotic voodoo music.

They found a home for their sound at Field Records and released material on the München-based Prologue label. A full length EP on Delsin is due to be released in September 2015

Artefakt treats techno as an artform rather than a musical genre exploring a scope that surpasses functional dancefloor-tools and bangers. Combining high art and underground culture stemming from the uncompromising squatting scene whilst practicing musique concrete tape improvisations in galeries and musea. This merging of worlds manifests in a versatile nature that is audible in the narrative selection of tracks and dj-sets.

Joining their perspectives in a meticulous, hands-on working method, the two bring a balanced and hypnotizing sound to the club. Be it in the form of a dj set or their full- fledged hardware live set crystallizing in the mind and oscillating the body. What sets Artefakt apart is combination of musical material, atmosphere and groove, captivating your spirit, whether you are listening quietly on headphones, or you hear the music pounding from a 10 foot tall PA at a rave.

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Valanx - Chasm (CRC remix) [diametric.]
Luigi Tozzi - Ambrosia [Outis - forthcoming]
Roberto - Gurleyi [Fossil Archive]
Evigt Mörker - Epikles [Evigt Mörker]
Artefakt - Depth Of Time [Field Records - forthcoming 2015] / Dorisburg - Splade [Northern Electronics]
Donato Dozzy - Time Out The Gap [Railyard Recordings]
Artefakt - The Fifth Planet [Delsin - forthcoming 2015]
Cyspe - Amnesia [Insula Records - forthcoming 2015]
Acronym - Nautilus [Northern Electronics]
Boston 168 - Vapor [Enemy Records]
Luigi Tozzi - Calipso [Outis - forthcoming 2015]
Evigt Mörker - Längbro Kyrka [Appian Sounds - forthcoming 2015]
Alan Backdrop - Siaka [OGUN]
Abdulla Rashim & Axel Hallqvist - Mark (Claudio PRC Remix) [Semantica]
Antonio De Angelis - Incrisis (Sleeparchive Remix) [Weekend Circuit]
Dax J - Knights Of The Round [Weekend Circuit]
Polar Inertia - Floating Away Fire [Dement3d]
Spilt Silo - Second Sunset [unreleased]