June 18th, 2015

RYC Podcast 128 | Mod21

Лучшая работа в своем стиле. Минимал техно, холодное до дрожи, невероятно гипнотичное, очень качественная работа. Ничего подобного давно не слышал. Какой же молодец Mod21! Всячески рекомендую к прослушиванию.


Mod21 is the project of Manuele Chiaravalloti, an italian electronic music producer and experimental sound artist. Born in Satriano, Italy, his musical journey began in 2007 when he moved to Switzerland. Here, after 7 years of musical research, produces his first two works released on the Munich based label Prologue. His music emerges from a deep and rich imagination which flows into sounds dark and slippery that seem to be born in the bowels of a parallel world to ours. Browsing increasingly abstract concepts of sound, carefully processed , the result is a particular footprint easily recognizable.