November 17th, 2015

Dekmantel Podcast 044 - ROD

Путешествуя между техно и электро, артист по имени ROD сделал настоящий шедевр.
Слушал несколько раз и не мог остановиться.)

ROD is the incarnation of Dutch multi talent Benny Rodrigues. For the last four years it is a moniker that has found the Dutchman exploring supple, fulsome techno sounds with a healthy dose of funk. To date his functional characterful EPs have come on labels like Klockworks, Field Records and CLR. Intense and absorbing, it is music that’s informed by a rich tradition but that never sounds pastiche. His DJ sets are equally aimless affairs, and so it is that we tapped him up for our next podcast.

Just over an hour in length, the mix is a serene, tripped out and intergalactic one full of slithering electro lines and dreamy pads. There is a fluidity throughout the first half that comes only after years of practice, and even when things grow more physical and frazzled, acid laced and macho in the latter stages, there is still a great sense of control. It might be Monday, but sounds like this will surely have you out of your chair in no time. edo