June 5th, 2016

Container Podcast [86] Michal Jablonski (live act)

Отличное техно от Michal Jablonski.
Мрачное, разностороннее, атмосферное.
Всячески рекомендую.


Michal Jablonski comes from Warsaw / Poland. He played at all of Poland’s most important venues for electronic music. Michal’s productions were released on Secret Keywords, Circular Limited, Counter Pulse, Trau-ma, Blackwater, Somewhere, Minicromusic and many more. Within the last years, Michal proved that the scope of his interest and production ability reaches much further than just one genre. He experiments within a broad spectrum ranging from dubstep and drum’n’bass to house, minimal, ambient and his beloved techno. His style in techno can be described as raw energy which sometimes contains the background noise and ambience characteristic for dub techno and industrial off-beat techno . Michal is currently a member of the collective „SLAP” which is very acctive in Poland.